Although it is believed that just knowing a language is enough to translate, the truth is that a professional with college-level studies and expertise is needed in order to undertake a translation with responsibility and competence.

I have wide experience on different topics:

Education Environment Marketing
Business Health care SPECIALIZED IN
School Books
Proofreading and editing Tourism Medicine

And I enjoy the challenge of carrying out translation, editing and proofreading projects on new areas and fields.


  • How is a translation bidden? +

    On most cases, a translation is quoted per word on the original text. I set up a Word file to know the exact amount of words. The fee for each particular project may change depending on its complexity, type of text, design and deadlines. The estimate is always free of charge.
  • What is the estimated deadline to complete a project? +

    It depends on the project; it is always a plus to know when each client actually needs the translation in order to work on a schedule. For big projects, I can set staggered deliveries so that client can see the translation progress and does not need to wait until the project is over to receive all the translated material.
  • What is the actual translation process? +

    The very first step is to receive the material for translation by email from the client. Then, the client gets a quote from me specifying per-word fee and deadline. If the client approves it, I start working on the translation. During this process, I may need to contact the client to clear out doubts or agree on terminology. Once the translation is completed, the client receives it through email.
  • Is there any discount for large projects? +

    Large projects entail much more work than a simple few-word project. In order to guarantee the quality of my work, in any large-scale project, I need to check terminology, build glossaries, double-check boilerplates and, therefore, it implies longer time, more dedication and harder effort. Thus, there is no discount of large projects.
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Quality is the key to success. As a language expert, I make sure each text is handled with professionalism, i.e. checking vocabulary, consulting and building glossaries, reading background material, learning about the theme, identifying different styles, and transmitting the original meaning are all a must for a top-quality natural-sounding accurate translation.


Deadlines are never missed! I am fully aware of the importance of your work -and mine- and the need of having translations ready in due time and suitable for your target audience. The amount of time needed to complete a project will depend on the numbers of words in the original text.


After a translation project is approved, the actual process begins: The first step is to make a comprehensive reading to identify style, register, target audience, possible translation problems, etc. Then, the actual translation is made. Once a text is fully translated, it is time for the proofreading phase, where it is carefully checked for meaning, spelling, grammar, terminology and coherence. Needless to say, strict client confidentiality is maintained throughout the process.